Thursday, September 30, 2004

Affair Proofing Your Marriage:: Sunday, 10.03.2004

This Sunday the message is called, "Fleeting Glances: Affair Proofing Your Marriage." I have to admit that this is a message that has been emotionally tricky for me to prepare for. Not because I have something to confess, here, but because I have so many friends and family members who have slipped into the danger zone and have ended their marriages because of an affair. I also know that without some basic guidelines in place, it can happen to anyone.

One friend of mine in particular just went public with an ongoing affair. I'm not sure if it was because he was caught or because he just felt that it was time to bring it into the light, but either way, it came as a shock to everyone. He has children and he was the pastor of a large church. The ripple effect comes into play here, in a big way. I wonder how many people will give up on God (Who is perfect & loving) because of this guy (Who is imperfect & selfish) who has made a series of bad choices?

The truth is, all of our choices affect the people around us. That's why we absolutely need to be talking about this issue. Especially in church. Marriage was God's idea, after all - and He knows how it works best.

I'd love to hear some feedback/stories or anything you think might help me prepare for this message...


Isaac said...

Right on. Here's something I overheard the other day: "If he really loved her he wouldn't want anyone else." And we could talk about love for days, couldn't we?

Johnny Leckie said...

Great quote, Issac. Love is a choice & a commitment.

If you're interested, I've posted the audio from this messsage on our church website: