Tuesday, August 30, 2005

South Alliance Stirrings

I spent some time today at Starbucks visiting with my new friend, Richard Thomas. Richard is planting a church in the South Alliance area, and is still in the early stages of preparation. He is looking at a launch date of Easter 2006.

It was encouraging to hear about his calling, his willingness to learn and to observe his humble but steadfast spirit.

Richard also has a music background, so we definitely had some things in common. One fun fact to know and tell about Richard is that he spent some time as a band director in the Keller Independent School District - teaching Middle Schoolers! I'm thinking that's qualification enough, right there - If he could handle that, he can handle anything! :-D

Richard is the second person I've had actual human face to face interaction with as a result of blogging. I believe there are great things ahead for Richard and I enjoyed meeting him, today! Check out his new blog here.

Any other church planters in the Alliance, Texas area who'd like to get together for a cup o joe? Drop me a line!

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