Thursday, July 20, 2006

All Get Out

Compass Church is a church plant. If that means nothing else, it means we are mobile, agile, and ... uh, nimble?


For three short weeks leading into our fall schedule at the Roanoke Recreation Center, that's exactly what we will be. Mobile, that is.

I have several books in me that I hope will one day find the light of publishing day, and one of them includes a chapter that was originally titled, "Why the Church Must Get Out of Its Building." Now I'm pretty sure it will be called, "All Get Out." That's a post in and of itself, and is actually the topic for my talk this Sunday.

"All Get Out" is an expression that defines this way:
The utmost degree that is possible or even imaginable: “It's snowing like all get-out up here” (Hans Thorner).
The church striving for the "utmost degree that is possible or even imaginable" and the church "getting out of its building" - I like the play on words here.

The walls of a church building, rented or otherwise, should serve to provide a church focus and ministry for a lost world, not protect a church from it.

We all need to get out.

Get out and serve. Get out and share. Get out and be the church instead of merely going to it.

This is a very cool time for our church. It's also a great time to join us on the adventure. If you are a Christ follower who is tired of church as usual and ready to get out and change the world, give me a call.

But you may need to leave me a message - I'm going to be "out" quite a bit over the next few weeks...


Anthony D. Coppedge said...

I love it! What a great play on words - and, more to the point - what a great idea!

Jason Simmons said...

Sounds cool Johnny! We have to go to starbucks!

Johnny Leckie said...

Thanks for the encouragement, guys.

Glad you're back around, Anthony!

And Jason, yes. We do. Zip me a line and let's get that cup o Joe!

Hmm, maybe it's time for another "gathering of bloggers..."