Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Master Plan of Evangelism

I recently finished the book, "The Master Plan of Evangelism [second edition, abridged]" by Robert E. Coleman, and was amazed by how timely it is. Originally published in 1963, the 85th printing was in 2003.

There are many thoughts on the best way to reach the average "Unchurched Urkle" in the United States here in the early days of the 21st century. Some are still effective and work well and others are quickly showing signs of age and ineffectiveness.

Having read a ton of stuff on evangelism in recent years, this book was refreshing to me. Even though it was written over 40 years ago, I found myself making immediate, relevant application for today.

In some ways it has "filled in the gaps" in my thinking about our current evangelism strategies and has helped me to "round them out" in a stronger way for the long haul.

Coleman's description of the "Master's plan*" is a timeless, long term, and cost- effective way of making disciples of Jesus Christ. It emphasizes the importance of growing strong believers who in turn, can and do begin making disciples. In the process, the results are eventually multiplied in an exponential way.

Just makes sense.

A few stand-out quotes to follow.

* Not to be confused with Kirk Cameron and Ray "banana man" Comfort's TV show of a similar name...

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I read this book many years ago but was just not ready for it. I just had to many of my own ideas and plans. Today I am ready to as Nike has put it so well, "Just Do It". I am currently putting together via invitation a select group of men and woman to pour out my life into. At one point I had visions of becoming a senior pastor or associate in a traditional Church,( still open to an associate position in a Church doing this very thing) completed my education but became sidetrack by cancer. This gave me time to really reflect through some intense suffering. To cut things short I am using my time to devote myself in just a few at a time who will in turn go out and be able to do the same thing. You are already probably thinking of the Scripture from Timothy. I'm not saying this is for every Pastor but if you are a Pastor you may want to re-read this book and pray about a core group of men that you may be able to take to that next level of commitment that will do the same. Who knows if it worked for Jesus with the 12 it just might work today. Having said this we also must remember that on the other hand Jesus continued to preach and teach the mass both are tied together.Thanks for the opportunity to put in my comment. I have a blog that is open to all as

Rev. Ray Miami Florida