Saturday, March 04, 2006

Seeking 100 Prayer Partners

Tomorrow we are beginning a new series called, "Engage: Unleashing The Power of Prayer." I began thinking about the possibility of a series on prayer back in November of last year. Many of you may remember my personal request for prayer [here] and the update [here.] I was reminded then of the incredible power of prayer and what a foundational principle it is in the life of every Christ follower. I was also reminded how vital it is for every church.

Over the last month or so, I have been reexamining what is commonly known as the "Lord's Prayer," and have been really "praying through" how Jesus taught his disciples to pray. As I have been adjusting my praying to the form and sequence of Jesus' prayer, it has been rocking my world. Or maybe I should say "He" has been rocking my world. And that of course, is the point.

The bulk of the series will be walking through Jesus' model prayer. There is far more there than immediately meets the eye, and it is very cool stuff. I'm not the same because of it, and my prayer is that Compass will be pointing in the right direction and off to the right start as a result of this series.

Throughout the series we will be creating systems and creatively emphasizing prayer. One of these that I am most excited about is the opportunity to invite 100 people from around the world and country to become a prayer partner with us for the length of the series.

100 people committed to pray specifically 2 times a week for 4 weeks for me, my family, Compass Church and that God would be honored through this series. That's our goal. No need to send money, join our church, like edgy music, be a part of our denomination or anything like that. We just want people who will pray. You can read more about it here, but that really is about all there is to it.

If you'll pray for us this month, drop me an email [] and let me know where you'll be "praying from." You can also just leave a comment here to be a part. I'm keeping a growing list and will post our progress toward 100. I won't list names, just the number and locations.

I am convinced that the essence of real prayer is all about being fully engaged with the God of the universe and adjusting our life to His purposes. I'm ready to ENGAGE, and unleash the power of prayer. Will you join us?

By the way, if you want to see the video "trailer" for the series, check it out here: Engage Trailer It's a big file, [11.5 mb] so a high speed connection would be best. The music is by Flyleaf.


Jason Simmons said...

Johnny, Megan and I are in!

Charlie said...

Count me in, too. the prayer guide is pretty awesome...downloaded it today (Wed., 3/8).

Can't wait to see to what God's going to do...

Charlie Pharis
Stonecrest Baptist Church
Woodstock, GA

Cathy Ford said...

Johnny, Thank you for your quick response to my email. You may count on both of us for your Team 100. Prayer is the key that opens every good door to blessing & success and we look forward to hearing the many praise reports that will follow. Romans 12:12 "We rejoice in hope, we are patient in trials and we continue steadfastly in prayer".
Randy and Cathy Ford
Edgewood, WA