Monday, March 20, 2006

“Creative Podcasting” Addendum

When I first posted my creative podcasting ideas back in September, I was just thinking through ways that Compass Church could use podcasting to its fullest potential. I was surprised, however, when that post took on a small life all its own.

Here’s some of what’s happened to “the little post that could” since then:
  • It has become the #1 post on my blog, bringing new visitors weekly, even though the original post was made almost 6 months ago.
  • As of today, if you search Google for “creative podcasting” (even without quotation marks) it’s the #2 listing, and #1 is a post about it that links to it.
  • The post is included (along with Blogging Church) in an “internet in parish ministry” article in the online "Vincentian Encyclopedia" (A Catholic wiki devoted to material related to a 17th Century Priest and those who follow his example today. But no, I’m not Catholic, and I don’t know anything about this group.)
  • Since the first post, I’ve added 2 more ideas, bringing the total to 21.
So all of this begs the questions:
  • Have we implemented these ideas, yet? - No. Although we have made a few noble attempts. The guy trying to read his book at Starbucks who kept glaring at us over his glasses while we tried to do a little "live podcast" is still a funny memory. :) Oh, the hilarious, sweet irony.
  • Are we going to? - That’s the plan.
  • When? - Great question. We’re kind of “rolling out” features of Compass Church, right now. :) We’ll be trying each of these ideas at one time or another over the next year.
If that post has inspired you to actually implement any of the ideas, or you have any additional “creative podcasting” ideas, I’d love to hear about it.

How are you using podcasting in your church or ministry? Has anyone added the 2nd podcast?

Creative Podcasting Ideas

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