Friday, June 16, 2006

Dinner With Mark & Tori Bjornholm

Last night we had a blast with Mark and Tori Bjornholm, who blessed our socks off by buying our family dinner at Cavalleros. I met Mark through my blog, and you may remember that he was one of the guys at our gathering of bloggers at the River Nile a little while back.

First, let me say that the food was delicious. My "Chimichanga de Pollo" was a mouth watering crispy rolled tortilla stuffed with grilled chicken fajita meat, Jack cheese, peppers, a flaky crust and ...mmm....Tex mex.....

So we were at the table for about 3 minutes when my lovely wife, Leona "accidently(?)" knocked over her glass of water, spilling the entire contents down my leg! The laughs began there and pretty much continued throughout the meal, much to the chagrin of the other restaraunt patrons, I'm sure! And just to cap things off, Leona spilled her water one more time for good measure before we left...(Leona has a tendency to "talk" with her hands [not sign language] in an expressive manner, something I learned when we were dating and she "accidently (?)" knocked me into the hedges...but that's another story).

Mark and Tori are awesome people. They were gracious, sharp and funny and our kids just loved them. We really enjoyed visiting with them and getting to know them better. Ask Mark sometime about the history, shape and souveniers of Michigan. Hint: oven mitts are very popular. :-D

Thanks, Mark and Tori for a great night of food and fun. It was truly a blessing to us!

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Mark said...

Thanks Johnny, we had such a blast last night. You have a great family, what a blessing!

Looking forward to the next time!

We ended going back to Cavalleros sooner than we thought we would... I left my CC there, and so we went back for it last night and ended up talking to Jason the owner for minute. Really nice guy.