Monday, June 20, 2005

Bumbling Along...

Well, I've certainly gotten a bit of feedback about "The Church That Bumbled." In the process I realized that I bumbled in the telling. Even though I didn't name names, it's still a pretty public place to talk about another church. I guess it's called, "The World Wide Web" for a reason.

So first, let me offer a quick apology. I really should have spoken to the Pastor of the "Church That Bumbled" before blogging about it. I'm sorry I didn't do that, because if I had made that step first, it might have changed how the post came across. I'm afraid I may have left the impression with some of the readers of my blog that I'm angry or bitter about the situation, which really isn't the case, at all. In fact, before that particular weekend, I had not been thinking about it much at all. ...Really!

I have spoken with the pastor of that church since, and he was very quick to want to deal with the situation. There was no "conspiracy," and after re-reading the post, I see that it looks like that was what I was saying. Good grief.

I know I would want to know if our members were going down that path, and I really should have extended that courtesy to him before now. I also know that there have been times when people have done things "in my name" that I had never commissioned or would never have approved.

I love this church planter and the church they are planting. I want them to do well.

I hope this post helps, and no, you still can't know who it is. Let's dust off, now and get back on the trail. No bumbles.

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