Monday, February 13, 2006

Pink Piece of History

Back in August of 2005, Ben Arment of History Church had a short post on his blog about a pink shirt that he wore during a sermon. Across the front of the shirt were the words, "I feel a sin coming on." That really cracked me up, so I made a short comment on his blog that "I think I need that shirt."

Fast forward to a few days ago. Ben sent me a package that contained 2 of the resources from my Amazon Wishlist: "The Art of the Start" and "The Tipping Point!" What a cool blessing that was! Very cool.

Nestled among the books was the lovely shade of pink that was and is the infamous shirt! Yes, boys and girls, it is now in my possession.

So I used it this past Sunday during the "Heart Check: For Healthy Relationships" message. I wore it under another shirt, and did an "unveiling" at the appropriate moment. I'm pretty sure I frightened people when I started pulling up my shirt, but it got a great laugh and helped make my point!

Hmm, maybe I should sign it and send it along to another pastor....

Ben is a church planter who understands perseverance. "History" is and is becoming a great church because of a church planting pastor who has held closely to the vision God has given him and who has been willing to press on through time and obstacles. That's always inspiring and encouraging to me!

Thanks, Ben, for the inspiration, the books, the shirt and the laugh!

Oh and by the way, I've never met Ben face to face. [...yet]

Behold the power that is Blog. Blog on... :-D

[Fixed the "appropriate moment" link.]

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