Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"What's Your Excuse?" & Other Matters

First, I have to point you to a great post by Perry Noble.

I've had pages of stuff just sitting in my "un-wired-er analog pda mindmap," (or my blog in hand) for a while, now, and Perry's post is a great spring board for me to share it with you. Check out his post here. You may have to scroll down to find it. The title is "Stop Complaining About What You Do Not Have."

Go read it and then come back. Really, go ahead. I'll wait....

Hey, welcome back.

Can I just say that I couldn't agree more? There are a million excuses for not doing what God calls you to do, and a million more for not completing what He calls you to do. I've heard them, seen them and used them myself more times than I care to admit.

I'm going to talk about some of those excuses over the next few posts. And we'll start with one that may surprise you. In fact, it sounds more like "doctrine" than an excuse. Should be fun.

But before I get to that, let me take care of a little "house keeping:"
  • Anthony and a gathering of bloggers: In the comments on the post, "New Friend At The River Nile," the ever fun and challenging Anthony Coppedge threw out some dates for getting together for coffee. The suggested date, time and place? Thursday, Feb. 23rd. 11 AM @ the River Nile. I think it's a "go," so if you'd like to join us, drop me an email ( johnny[AT] or just leave a comment here. Or I guess you could just show up. It is a coffee shop, after all. :-)
  • Valentine's Dance & My Growing Number of Keys: Because we are renting the Roanoke Recreation Center for our Weekend Worship Experiences, I have been given keys to the building. Originally, there were 3 (Outside door, classroom, and storage). We soon discovered that we were unable to adjust the lighting in our worship area because the controls were in a locked room within another locked room. When we were serving at the Roanoke Valentine's Dance (a hoot, by the way), I asked for keys to those areas, also and got them. When the Parks and Rec Director handed me the additional keys (now a total of 5), I just held them all up, laughed and said, "You might as well just make me a janitor here!"
  • I've decided to stretch the "fun post ahead" I was going to make a while back over several posts. Some of it is about how we've made stuff happen that we didn't have the money for and some of it is about free or low cost web 2.0 types of resources for churches and church plants, in particular. Here's one to play with: Calendar Hub. We are experimenting with it right now, and so far, it has been a pretty cool tool. It's an online calendar with a clean, simple look that can be updated by people you share the user name and password with. You can make some events public and others private between people you select, all on the same calendar. And yes, once again, this resource is free. Check out our simple start here:
Look for the "excuses" posts sometime after I get the "fined tuned and updated version" of this Sunday's Messsage | Sermon | Talk | Whatever outline to Kim...


Cassandra :O) said...

Thanks for sharing the post from Perry Noble. That was great stuff, gives you TONS to think about. I must say, I'm more than willing to "put my hands to the plow", but I refuse to go to KFC and lick others' fingers. ROFL. It's not nice to laugh so hard, when you're not supposed to be talking. Ouch!! Cassandra :O)

Johnny Leckie said...

Perry has a great blog, and they are doing some cool things New Spring!

Ok, so maybe we haven't had to "lick other people's fingers" at KFC. But what would we do at Whataburger?

For those who don't know, Cassandra has just had surgery on her vocal cords, and isn't supposed to speak again for another 6 days or so.

...So stop that laughing, out loud, Cassandra! Just laugh in your heart...:-D

Mark said...

Perry has a great blog. He just lays it out there man.

Should be there on the 23rd. Does RN serve food?

Johnny Leckie said...


I think they just have pastries, but they may have sandwiches, too. I can't remember...

Look forward to seeing you there!

Mark said...

Thanks Johnny.

I might pop in there today after work and see what they have, I live close by.