Saturday, December 17, 2005

One More Podcasting Idea (or so...)

Terry Storch & Brian Bailey are writing a book called, "Blogging Church: Sharing The Story of Your Church Through Blogs" and have a great blog and podast over at

I did a post back in September called, "Creative Podcasting Ideas" that Terry graciously linked to today. I originally only posted 19 ideas, but in honor of the mention, here's one more.

Idea #20 - Leave them with a "cliff hanger." (This is similar to a previous idea, but with a different twist) Give people a reason to want to catch your next podcast. It worked in the golden days of radio, why not the golden days of podcasting?

Example 1: "And then something completely unexpected happened...And I'll tell you all about it in the next podcast!"

Example 2: "So there are 4 ways to affair-proof your marriage. In the next podcast I'll tell you about the 5th one. It's incredibly powerful, and pulls the last four together. See you then."

Example 3: "In my next podcast, I'll be making a very special announcement that you don't want to miss. I'm very excited about it and can't wait to tell you about it. Spread the word!" (This is a version of the previously mentioned idea.)

Example 4: "Jake, you've had an amazing experience. I want to thank you for sharing that with us, today. But something happened later that changed everything for you, didn't it?"
"Yeah, it was unbelievable."
"In the next podcast, I'd like for you to tell us all about that and what it has to do with us."
"Cool. I'd love to do that."
"Thanks, Jake. Well, that's it for today, folks..."
Well there you have it. A nice round number. 20.

... Ok, that's just dull.

So here's one more:

Idea #21 - Have a Contest & Give Something Away. Just like on the radio, only make it "email number 5" wins an autographed copy of your new book or something. Announce the winner on your blog.

Rats. Now I've messed up the list. Does that mean I have to take it up to 30? Hey, maybe there's an ebook in the making here. Oh wait a minute. I guess you're reading it now, aren't you? So never mind. I guess I'll have to create an idea e-book for something else...

Check out the blogging church link here: Podcasting Ideas

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Rick said...

Thanks for the great ideas on this, Pastor Leckie. We're just a small church up here in the pacific northwest, but we're making some strides with a web component to our ministry. Our next challenge is to podcast/mp3 links of Sunday's sermon on our website. I think your idea of a second, less structured podcast would be a great thing to have. Keep up the good work here!