Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mr. "of Vinci" and His Magic Decoder Ring

First, let me just say that his last name isn't "Da Vinci" any more than the Apostle Paul's last name is "of Tarsus."

He's Leonardo, "of" or "from" Vinci. It's a place.

Just to be clear, we're talking about this guy:
(Leonardo of Vinci)

Not this guy:
(Leonardo of DiCaprio)

or this guy:
(Leonardo of Ninja Turtle)

I believe that the best way to help those who have read the book and/or who will see the movie, to understand the sheer goofiness of the author's challenges to the Bible and authentic Christianity is simply to point them to secular sources like the History Channel, PBS, and the Discovery Channel. Those guys have done a pretty good job of ripping the story as being pretty much a work of total, not partial, fiction. Pretty fun, fast paced, thriller fiction, but fiction nonetheless.

But I know that there have been some who have responded to the "Of Vinci Code" with a statement like:
"Of course it's a work of fiction, but it does raise some interesting questions..."
So for these and for those who would have conversations with these, I offer the following links as a public service announcement. It's just for starters, because there are now officially one gazillion responses and to Mr. Brown's novel and upcoming movie....
  • And if you're still really into it and can't get enough, but don't want to buy a book, Midwestern Seminary has MP3's, PDF's and other letters and numbers that you can download here.
But please, if you are a Christ follower, don't freak out, boycott, or anything like that. Just see it as a great opportunity to grow more deeply in your faith and for helping other people understand the Truth.

As for the decoder ring?* I can't help but think of a cartoon I saw the other day that said, "These conspiracy theories are a smoke screen to hide the incredible truth!"

* There is no decoder ring in the "Da Vinci Code." You'll need to check your box of breakfast cereal for that.


Philip Booth said...

I caught the advance screening on Tuesday night, and I was completely UNDERwhelmed.

Aside from the first 15 minutes or so, it's talky, overlong and plain dull.

Tom Hanks looks bored and tired. And way too much of the "thriller" is given over to having people talk about the "facts" related to the conspiracy, rather than thrilling us with the pursuit of the answers.

Several critics in the audience chuckled during those moments when the big "secrets" are revealed.

I posted a review of the movie on my blog.

Johnny Leckie said...

Hi, Philip!

Thanks for the input.

Where's your blog? Your profile isn't public. I'd like to see your review.