Monday, May 29, 2006

Dugout 2

Had a great time at "Dugout," yesterday! Grilling, kickball, hotdogs and a short service was the perfect formula for our holiday weekend at Compass. We had folks out of town, but we also had returning visitors, so I felt great about the day.

We've done many, many outdoor services along the way, but now they are a great reminder that we have a "permanent" home at the Rec Center. It makes events like "Dugout" more fresh and fun because they are a change of pace rather than the norm. After being "homeless" for so long as a church launch team, I am extremely thankful that God has blessed us with a great place to grow as a church!

Unlike the last "Dugout" back in September, there were no cool "Dugout Awards" bestowed because Ricky apparently didn't feel like pulling any muscles or "wiping out" on the kickball field this time around...

But I spilled ketchup and pickle relish down my shirt and carried the aroma of BBQ grill smoke around with me the rest of the day. Does that count?

Either way, we've kicked up some dust and Compass Summer has officially begun!

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