Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Few Lessons Learned from Church Planting HKU*

There are really far more lessons that I am learning personally as we have been on this church planting adventure, but here are a few that are helping shape how we are preparing for the launch:

* The Importance of Relational Evangelism

* The Importance of Community Connections

* The Importance of a consistent, constant and well recognized meeting space.

* The Importance of the “Come Back” event.

* The Importance of excellence and creativity with available resources.

* The "StarGreens" or "Walbucks" Principle (Starbucks & Walgreens): The Importance of being ubiquitously and conveniently present. (This will be a post all by itself)

* The Importance of simultaneous Relational Evangelism and Strategic Marketing

* The Importance of making clear connection points and natural follow up with outreach events.

As I said, there are many more, like the importance of creating a buzz, the importance of being a hawk about the stats, and the importance of a well structured day that accomplishes one major goal that moves you forward and allows for interruption. "Reversing" the percentages of how I personally invest my work time for greatest effectiveness is also a future post in the making. Heck, maybe I'll post more about each of these in more detail later.

Take what you can use. Chunk the rest.

...Oh wait. That's another one.

*HKU - Hard Knocks University

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