Saturday, November 19, 2005

Old School Outreach

I have now personally placed over 300 door hangers inviting my neighbors over to my house tomorrow. My feet and shins are killing me and I have an allergy headache, but I'm hoping for the best. I really wanted to put out about 600, but I'm just running out of time. I suppose if we have a 1% return on those 300, we'll meet 3 new families. I'm ok with that.

I think we've been lousy neighbors while we've been trying to "reach" people in the area, mostly because I personally know so few in my own neighborhood. How does that even make sense?

I am praying for significant relationships and friendships to form as a result of this. At the very least, more people in my neighborhood should now recognize Leona and me, just because of the door hanger.

Maybe it'll make it easier to talk with people later.
Maybe we'll have a house full of people tomorrow.
Maybe we'll have just my family.
I really have no idea. But I feel good about making the effort in a specific, measurable way.

It's old school outreach, but in a good way: feet to the pavement, personal and relational - but without being obnoxious or overly confrontational. Just neighbors meeting neighbors. Could it get any more old school than that?

If you are one of my neighbors and reading this, I hope to see you tomrorrow afternoon - and don't worry - there really will be no presentations or selling. Just drop by and say hello.

I'll post something tomorrow night with hard numbers: good, bad or ugly. :)

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