Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why Do People Need Your Church?

One of the questions we've come back to again and again about starting Compass Church is this: "Is there a need for this church in this place at this time?" It's not the only question that every church must ask itself, but it is a foundational one.

Jason Bishop is planting The Journey, a missional church plant in Lubbock, Texas, and he was asked this question in a public setting today. His response goes to the very heart of the matter and clearly and simply puts things in perspective.

Read his answer here.

Why do people need your church?

Update: You never know where a conversation can take you. Read Jason's comment and check out the link : Lubbockfunclub


The Bishop said...

You know, after I answered the lady, she went back to planning with her friends. After they were done, she came over and we spoke for about 45 minutes. I told her that her question had impacted me and that I had blogged about it. Long and short, she's interested in our approach, and copied my blog to her advertising site's faith page. Check it out: http://www.lubbockfunclub.com/Faith.html

Johnny Leckie said...

Cool, Jason!

You never know where a conversation will take you...