Monday, November 07, 2005

A Little Digital Balance

Just to even out this post: "Analog Amenities" and this post, "Un-Wired-er Analog PDA Mindmap," here is a great article by Kevin D. Hendricks of "Think," "Church Marketing" and ""

And also because, as many who know me well already know:
"Time is my enemy, and technology has been recently out to get me."
So this article offers help on both fronts.

Check it out: Top 7 Technologies That Can Save You Time

By the way, Kevin is interviewed along with Brad Abare by Terry Storch on the Blogging podcast. Listen here.

Don't always fully agree with these guys, but really love the way they challenge stupid notions about what is and what isn't church marketing. Also glad that there's someone out there holding the church accountable for how they communicate the life changing message of Jesus Christ to a lost world.

Cause it's not always very pretty, out there. And yes, I realize that there are way too many links in this post...

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