Friday, January 27, 2006

The Post Ahead & The Milestone We're On

The Post Ahead

I have a post in the works that I'm really looking forward to sharing. Look for it on the other side of this weekend. Curious? Well, let me just put it this way -

I think I need to write a book called:
"Little Rascals Church: How You Can Start One With Little or No Money Down!"

Or maybe:
"Church Planting With A Few Friends And Everyday Objects Around Your Home."

Or better yet:
"Bootstrap Church Planting: Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps When You Don't Have Boots And The Shoes You Have Are Strapless."

And to add to the suspense, I'll also let you know that a little research went into this post, including a few insights from the AVClub man himself, Ken Wilson.

But don't get too excited. There's no way any post could live up to that buildup.

The Milestone

The milestone we're on right now is all about momentum and passion on the part of the Compass Team getting ready for Sunday. This is a very, very good thing.

Here's a great example. A Couple in our church, Dan & Cassandra Robison, hit their 900 (or so) home neighborhood with door hangers today. They got about 3/4 of the way through the neighborhood with the help of some neighbor kids they enlisted. They'll finish it up in the morning, but wrapped up today's portion by taking those kids out for pizza as a reward. And when they called to tell me about it, they sounded like they all had a blast.

And for example number two, Cassandra's email signature now includes the line: "My Church Rocks!" followed by a link to our website. I love it. That's just greatness.

You pour yourself into what you buy into. It energizes you more than it drains you.

When the work becomes exciting and fun again, you know you've hit an important milestone!

And speaking of milestones, and on a totally unrelated note, today is Kim's birthday!


jasonwsimmons said...

Johnny, I just listened the the Pod Blip, to funny. I love it. We need to get you to podcast a longer show!

Johnny Leckie said...

Ha! Then it wouldn't be a blip, would it, Jason? :D

Actually, the Compass Church Podcasts are in the works and on their way! They're going to be longer than a blip, I promise. :)