Sunday, September 11, 2005


Today we gathered at the Roanoke Community Park for a brief worship service followed by hotdogs and recreation. The softball idea gave way to kickball to allow for everyone, kids and all, to play together.

The ball field was beautiful, groomed and fresh. I wish I had a picture of it to show you. Green grass, white lines, nicely maintained infield. It's a new park, and the Roanoke Parks & Rec Department has done a great job keeping it looking that way.

But we had a light rain last night, so today the dirt on the infield had been transformed into a very slick mud. And this of course made for hilarious gameplay. There was wacky footwork happening all over the place.

The game ended when Ricky made the play of plays and the wipe out of wipe outs. In a dramatic display you would have to have seen to believe, Ricky amazed us all. He was tearing across the infield to make the play when he hit a ridiculously slick spot, went into a slide, then into a spin, and in the process covered himself in mud literally from head to toe! Unfortunately, he really hurt his knee and ankle in the process, and is nursing the swelling this afternoon!

But because of that "superman sports moment in time" that I wish to high heaven I had video taped, Ricky gets the **Dugout Award** for the day!

Kickball with adults. What a blast. Who knew?

(Especially if you know secret ninja moves from the government, Napoleon...)

What a great day. I have ketchup, mustard, and relish mixed with sweat, charcoal ashes and a bit of mud on my shirt as I'm typing this. As Calvin would say, "Consider this day seized!"

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Kim Wells said...

For those of you concerned about Ricky's well-being - don't be. He's had a very relaxing afternoon of movies, music and Dr. Pepper all from the comfort of the couch. And his knee and ankle are healing nicely. Really funny fall, though - really super funny.