Thursday, September 29, 2005

An old cartoon

My friend John posted about his frustration with churches doing "Hell Houses" at Halloween, and it reminded me of a cartoon I scribbled many, many moons ago. The drawing is pretty weak in this one, but I liked the idea. Maybe I'll redo it. It falls under the creative commons license, so feel free to pass it along!

This caused me to dust off an old file of mine that is filled with cartoons and drawings I've scribbled over the years. I'll have to show you some of them as we go along...

Update on Leona: Procedure went well. She was pretty groggy from the anesthesia for most of the day yesterday but went back to work today. We'll know if it made any difference by next week. Thanks for your prayers.


Kim Wells said...

That's hilarious!

John Henson said...

That must be a preacher's kid. Love the toon!

Robert Pooley said...

At the last Church I served on before i planted Coast, we had a kid come as the head of John the Baptist on a platter. He was an interesting kid. lol

Johnny Leckie said...


Kim - :-D

John - Preacher's kid, for sure!

Robert - That's hilarious and creepy all at the same time! :)