Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"North Point Fellowship" is no more. Really. We gave it a good go...

Not the church, but the name!

We are now Compass Church, and that means our website domain has changed. And my email. See my profile for the new address. The North Point Domain is soon to slide away, also, so please update your bookmarks and favorites to to see what's cooking with us!

And speaking of what's cooking with us, it is hard to express the buzz that is happening with our team right now as we are getting ready to launch at the Rec Center. We spent the weekend in Corsicana at a team member couple's house on the lake (Thanks, Gary & Brenda!) and came away with renewed vision, stronger relationships and a cool plan.

Here are a few highlights of things to come that are on the Compass burner at the moment:
  • Divide and Conquer Prayer and Outreach Strategy (This is very cool and part of a broad strategy throughout the fall. More about this later)
  • We're providing lunch for the Roanoke Rec Department staff next week.
  • Compass Backstage Pass - Upcoming Special Worship Service(s) near our new worship space including music, video, testimonies and vision casting for all of our current and potential supporters.
  • Volunteering and presence/info at the "Celebrate Roanoke" city event
  • Preview Services in November and December
  • Press releases throughout the fall related to our name change, use of the Rec Center and a number of fun surprises ahead...
  • Volunteering presence at key Neighborhood association organized events in October and December
  • A potentially show stopping float in the Roanoke Christmas Parade leading into our Narnia Series.
  • Parent's night out/Christmas gift wrapping night in the works
  • 2 Part Narnia Series in the December preview services
  • 3 simultaneous Community Christmas Eve Services/events in 3 different outdoor locations involving candlelight, carols, the Christmas Story and fun for kids. (There are several logistical and people challenges here, but could actually be the coolest thing we're doing. More details later)
Oh, man, could I go on and on, here. I haven't even mentioned the new band Kim is forming. I'll save it all for future posts.

Want to join our team? Zip me an email, and let's talk.

Interested in partnering with us? We're also looking for additional churches and organizations to become prayer and financial partners with us as we creatively and passionately reach out to our community with the incredibly good news of new life in Christ!

Compass rocks.


Tony Myles said...

What an exciting movement you are spearheading!

"Lord, please help this church to build your Kingdom and become all that You intend it to be. Supply it's leaders with servant hearts; help them to measure success through the intangibles; guide them into authentic community; refresh them with vision when the lights get dim."

Johnny Leckie said...

Thanks, Tony!

Your prayer means a lot to me, and I'll pass it along to the team.

Thanks for the encouragement!