Thursday, September 08, 2005

"I Was A Stranger..." - Jesus (Mt. 25:35)

Deann hit another home run today with a challenging and close up look at an amazing story from the ongoing drama that is unfolding in Hurricane Katrina's wake.

Check it out here: I Was A Stranger: Ministry in the Astrodome and Beyond

A standout quote from a couple interviewed in her article:
"We were obedient. That's all he required of us," Shelly said. "God will put the puzzle together. We were the link because God works through people. He wants willing vessels."
Man, does this world ever have a need for more, intentional, Christ following, "links."

Deann gave me a sneak preview of one more article that will be posted on Christianity Today's website on Friday. It's far more personal, and describes how the crisis has hit far closer to home for her. I'll post a link tomorrow.

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