Friday, October 28, 2005

Into the weekend...

Blazing full steam into a wild weekend. Find inspiration here, or learn from my missteps:

Did a little "Creative Consulting" with a pastor friend of mine the other day and am having lunch with him today to wrap up. I'm helping him work through the process of taking a series of messages from Scripture, and creatively contextualizing them for his setting: Concepts, relevance, series and message titles, vibe and extras to make the series sparkle. I'm often more of a great "idea man" than a great "implementer man," so it's cool to be able to help another pastor communicate the powerful Word of God in a powerful and effective way. (I definitely have more about this that will show up in another post!)

Tonight we're helping with my neighborhood association's fall festival. Our team will be wearing "Compass Church" lanyards, and will be passing out information about our "Backstage Pass" event that's happening on Saturday. Mostly we'll be helping run the different booths and assisting with the set up and tear down. This is far better than running our own deal this year, because of the number of "unchurched" people in my neighborhood who are far more likely to show up. After we serve at this event, we'll be doing some set up at the Community Center for "Backstage Pass."

Saturday morning Leona and I will be picking up our "Angel Food" order from a church in the area. What is "Angel Food," you ask? Something we discovered recently that is an incredible blessing. Church planters in particular should definitely look into this. Tons of food, no application to fill out, available to anyone for $25. No catch, except you place the order and pay in cash, then pick it up a couple of weeks later. And it's good food, not leftover type of donation stuff. Check it out here to see November's menu and find a distribution church in your area.

Saturday night, "Backstage Pass" is on. So is the tour of the Rec Center. Woo hoo! That's a great drawing feature for the night, so I'm glad it worked out.

On Monday, to celebrate Halloween, Leona is actually going back to the surgical center again. Ok, we don't really "celebrate" Halloween, necessarily, but this should provide sufficient scare factor for the day. It seems the Doc has determined that there is one more attempt to make before resorting to surgery. They are going to do a similar process as before, but this time do the injection from another angle to actually deaden the nerve that is causing the numbness. From what other angle, you may ask?...The front of her neck! (insert horror music here - Ranh! Ranh! Ranh!) In all seriousness, although done routinely as a very safe procedure, this one sounds a little more freaky to me, so please pray that all goes well. - And that I didn't just freak out my wife with this post...

And speaking of horrors, yesterday I received a bill from the Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector and almost had a heart attack. Then I remembered a little thing called my escrow account. I'm breathing a sigh of relief, but I'm going to double check on Monday, anyway. If there's a problem, I'm dressing up as a Tax man, going door to door with a bag that night and selling the contributed contents on Tuesday.

Who can take a sun rise, sprinkle it with dew, cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two...the Pastor man. The Pastor man can.... All together now...

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