Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Stop On The Journey

Whoa. It's been a whole week since my last post.

Well, big whoopdeedoo. As many other bloggers have discovered, it's easy to get a little too caught up in the blog world sometimes and take it and myself too seriously.

So I'm over myself.

But in case you're wondering, here's some of what I've been up to...

Last week started with a couple of days at the Center for Church Planting conference at Center Point Church in North Richland Hills, Texas. Jay Bruner is the pastor of Center Point, the director of the new Church Planting Center, and a dude who is passionate about introducing people to Jesus. Jay's also been a great encouragement, supporter and friend to me over the past year. Good stuff at the conference, utilizing "Glocalnet's" Turbo training materials with a Center Point twist. I may have the opportunity to lead a session or two at the spring session...we'll see.

Update on Leona:
Fast forward to Yesterday. The surgeon decided that Leona needed one more cortizone steroid injection, so once again we were at the surgical center for the proceedure. The bummer is that it doesn't seem that the injections are really working their magic. We're beginning to think that surgery may have to happen, after all and of course, it couldn't come at less convienient time. (Like there's ever a convienient time for surgery!) More updates as we know more. It's just Tuesday; maybe the numbness in her arm will stop before the week's out...I love my wife. I hate it when she's hurting. Thanks again for the prayers!

Kim has been in the middle of a "day job" transition, and has also been "unblogged" for a few days. She's back online today with a great post on worship, however. I've said it before, but we are truly blessed to have Kim on our team. God's doing cool things in her life and leadership, right now.

By the way, if you want to hear a "snippet" of Kim's vocals, she opens the "Sunday Rewind " podcast of the "North Point Compass" message on the Compass site. Her opener and closer are original songs from a demo she recorded a while back - No big production, just guitar and vocals. She's only on the mp3's (part 1 and 2), though, not the wma file that's there. Check it out here.

Compass is official:
I'm happy to report that all of the little administrative details are complete in the transition from North Point Fellowship to Compass. We can now send and receive mail, write and receive checks and communicate to one and all as Compass Church.

Also, please note that our old website "Northpointfellowship.com" and my old email address "johnny[AT]northpointfellowship.com" are history after November 1st. Please update your bookmarks to the new Compass Church site.

By the way, we joyfully allowed a church in California to have the North Point domain. Yeah, we just let them have it. It's good for churches to be generous. :)

Backstage Pass:
I'm very excited about this weekend. We are meeting at the Roanoke Community Center this Saturday night for "Backstage Pass," a night of "behind the scenes" info, testimony, music and vision casting for everyone with even the slightest interest in being a part of Compass Church as a member, supporter or attender.

The only bug is that we are waiting on final approval for what I hope is to be a cool bonus feature of the evening: A Tour of the New Rec Center, where we'll be creating weekly worship experiences in January. If it doesn't work out this week, I'm hoping it will happen in the next "Backstage Pass" that we'll do in November.

Sunday afternoon I watched this flick for the first time on Turner Classic Movies. I almost left it early on because it dragged a little at first and Audrey Hepburn was getting on my nerves. Glad I hung in there, though, because it became a fun little mystery by the time it wrapped up. Nice diversion from a busy week.

There's far more going on this week, I have a ton of work to do, and I may or may not blog about it all. Glad you're here, though. Who knows what may happen next?

And from my time alone with God this morning:
"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever." (Psalm 107:1 - NLT) Let me just vouch for that... And one more: "Those who are wise will take all this to heart; they will see in our history the faithful love of the LORD." (Psalm 107:43 - NLT) ...So do you see the faithful love of the LORD in your history?

...Ok, I can't wait this long to post again. I'm over myself, but it just takes too long to catch up....

So, how are you?



The Bishop said...

It's funny that you have a stop "on The Journey" and tonight I think we got our sponsor church, which gives us an official start on The Journey! Hey, man. I really enjoyed our time together at CPC. If there is anything I can do for you, or anything I can help with, drop me a line. It is good for us to be generous, and as we have received much, we will give likewise!
The Bishop

Johnny Leckie said...

Hey, that's great news about the sponsoring church, Jason!

We're looking for a few more of those, ourselves...

We had a stop on the journey and you had a start on the journey; We had a sponsoring church wrap up their commitment with us yesterday, you had a church begin sponsoring you yesterday.

...I feel a song coming on, Simba...

Kim Wells said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. They are always much appreciated. Saturday night will be awesome. I'm completely excited. With music from Switchfoot, Lifehouse and The Benjamin Gate how could I NOT be excited. Not to mention the prospect of touring the Rec Center. Good stuff.

By the way, Audrey Hepburn ROCKS. She's classic. Let Kathryn Hepburn annoy you - but not Audrey :)

The Bishop said...

Now that we're officially starting, what was the name of that grocery ministry that gives out food for $25.00? I think we'll need it!

Johnny Leckie said...

Hey, "the Bishop," the name of the food ministry is "Angel Food," and I put info about it in the post that follows this one. (that makes me think of 'the cheat' from homestarrunner.com!)

Definitely check it out. - Angel food and homestarrunner...