Monday, October 17, 2005

Pizza by the yard...

Supper from Sunday night...mmm... pizza....

This recipe is from an old "Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook" from the 1970's that my Mom let me have a few years ago.

I dig the "cokes on ice" in the picture and the retro family feel of the whole thing. Not exactly low fat fare, but man - the peppers and tomato make it scrumdeliyicious.... Add family, a flick, a board game and enjoy.


Gary Lamb said...

You sure that is coke in that ice? :)

Johnny Leckie said... about responsible bottled beverage of choice? :-D

CurshDude said...

Hi Johnny

My mother had that recipe book as well. But she never could remember what is was called. So, I am trying to find a copy for her.

Is this called "All Time Favorite Recipes"? I would appreciate it if you could give some info on this book for the purpose of finding a copy.

Thanks for posting this recipe! It's the one she remembers.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this was called 'All Time Favorite Recipes.' It was a magazine-type, thin recipe book. I know if you keep checking, Goodwill sometimes gets this cookbook in donations. That is where I found a new copy of it, because mine was falling apart. Hopefully, others can also find this cookbook, too. It also has a fantastic lasagne recipe. Any place that sells used books (Goodwill, The Salvation Army, flea markets,etc., will sometimes have this one. Happy Hunting everyone!!
LisaLisa in Ohio