Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pastor Electrocuted Performing Baptism

Kyle Lake was the pastor of University Baptist Church in Waco. Unbelievably, during a baptism this morning, there was an accident with a microphone and Pastor Kyle was electrocuted. He was 33.

I did not know Kyle. But I know his church. He has written several books, and The David Crowder band are members/worship leaders in his church. Read the Houston Chronicle article here.

Today's news reminded me of another tragedy from years ago. Before I was born, the church I grew up in was pastored by a man named T.C. Pennel. At the time, the church was one of the largest churches in Louisiana. One Sunday, Pastor Pennel had a heart attack while preaching and died on the way to the hospital. The impact of this event as you would expect, was huge. I am sure it will be no less for this church in Waco.

There is no way to explain away such things. There just is no good way to explain it. And I'm not going to try. But I am praying for the family, the church and all who hear this news and are dealing with the loss and the circumstances surrounding it.

And I will continue to preach the life changing message of salvation through Jesus Christ with boldness and baptize new Christ Followers with joy.

And today I commit to it with even more seriousness and zeal. God is good, true, my Redeemer and my Great Hope - and I will follow Him "to whatever end." There is true life in no one else.

Thanks to David for the reference.

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