Monday, December 19, 2005

"Parents' Shopping Day Out" Photos

We've now posted a few photos on the Compass Church website from our recent "Parents' Shopping Day Out." The kids were great and had a lot of fun, and the parents were all very appreciative of the free time. This was an excellent event, and Brenda, Kim, Leona and Cassandra made it happen. Great job, ladies! Thanks also to Ricky, Dan, and my own Matthew and Melissa for being great helpers throughout the day!

Here I am leading the complicated and tricky game of "Simon (or in this case, Santa) Says."

See the rest of the gallery here: Shopping Day Out Gallery

On a side note, I can't believe how old my son Matthew (on the right) looks in this picture! And it was just yesterday that Melissa (on the left) looked like the little girl standing in front of me, here! It's not a cliche' it's just true - They grow up faster than you think, and time rocks on...

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Cassandra :O) said...

Thanks Johnny! I really had a blast with the whole thing. It was not only fun for the kids, but for the grown up kids as well.