Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merrry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tonight we had a great Christmas Eve experiment - 2 Christmas Eve Services outside in the park in 2 different neighborhoods.

Although one neighborhood service was better attended than the other, we had about 70 or so people overall join us for carols, Scripture reading from Luke 2, a short message from me, and the cool Christmas vocal stylings of Kim Wells with her guitar. But no candles...high winds and dry weather caused a red flag burning ban! Definitely a great night, and we had many new people asking about Compass Church.

In other news, we were recently contacted by Birchwood Community Church, who is now one of our Sponsoring Church Partners! Very cool. I'm looking forward to an incredible 2006!

And now from me, my lovely wife Leona and the three M's: We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

Gotta rock. I have one more Santa role to play....


Royal said...

Hey Johnny

Hope you have am most blessed new year.


Johnny Leckie said...

Thanks, Royal!

God's best for you as well!


Jason Simmons said...

Pastor Johnny, I just discovered you blog, I recently moved to Keller from the Seattle area. I work just off of 170 and 377. Where is your church located? I like your blog, keep up the great work.

Johnny Leckie said...

Hi, Jason,

Where you work could not be much closer to where we are. We are a church plant that will be meeting in the new Roanoke Recreation Center in a few weeks. It is located one road north of 170 off of 377. Hang a right, drive past the apartments, and there you are!

In the weeks leading up to our start there, we are in the preparation phase, with a variety of gatherings in different locations.

Check for more info, and welcome to the area (dry and rainless though it be)!

Zip me an email, Jason, (, and let's get together for coffee or something.

Jason Simmons said...

That is about 2mins from my office. I must drive by your area everyday. I live just off of N Tarant and Beach. I will email you tonight, i would love to go for coffee.

As far as rain, I know we need it, but knowing Seattle winters for the last 7 years, it is nice to see sun again!