Monday, April 03, 2006


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I couldn't resist.

It's that time of year when churches have a tendency to start "puffing up the promises" of what will happen when you visit their church. It can get a little silly. I know we all just want to reach people with the Good News, but I think sometimes we may be "overselling" ourselves a bit in our mailers and stuff. I know we've been slightly guilty of this at times...

Will all of people's wildest dreams really come true if they visit your church this Easter?!


This post makes makes more sense if you see the previous post, first...


Anonymous said...

It's crisp and clean...and with caffeine!!!
Leona :)

Cassandra :O) said...

Lots of caffeine! ;-)

Johnny, I'm so thankful for your blog. It makes me laugh on an every day basis!!!

Cassandra :O)