Tuesday, January 31, 2006

3 Questions and a Reminder

If you've ever or are currently plowing through a difficult time, Job chapter 1 is well worth a few minutes of your attention.

In fact, it's good stuff any time.

Read the chapter, ask yourself these 3 questions and then chew on the reminder:

1. Could God brag about you to Satan? (v.8)
2. Would Satan be right about you? (v.9-11)
3. Is your relationship with God strong enough to endure difficulty? (v.20-22)

A little perspective and a reminder:
Things are seldom what they seem. (v.12)
What are you currently going through that (if you had a little rest, took a deep breath and a hard look at it) is really not what it seems? What's the true answer to the three questions if they are asked about you?

Wait. Did you not read Job chapter 1, first? In too big of a hurry? Could that explain a few things? Go back up there and click it... :)


Jason Simmons said...

Great Post Johnny! Great food for thought!

michelle barella said...

i am a little late, but I so needed this today. thanks.

Johnny Leckie said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad it was helpful to you guys.

Sometimes I live it out a bit before posting, and that post reflects what I needed to hear on that day, also...

Perspective. Pulling back and looking at things with new eyes. Often that one thing can literally change everything.