Sunday, January 22, 2006

An Amazing Day

Today was an amazing day!

First, it rained for the first time in months. We've been in a serious drought around here, so today was a refreshing turn in the weather. It also felt a little symbolic to me since our church turned a corner of our own, today.

We said goodbye to some long time team members this morning who will not be joining us on the next phase of our journey as a church. We will miss them greatly, but we know that they need to move on to what God is leading them to do. Bittersweet...

Fortunately, this transition was followed by an incredible display by our team of passion and commitment to the vision of Compass Church. I watched our team step up to the plate in an amazing way as preparations for next week kicked into gear. We worked together, laughed, ran errands, made sandwiches, sorted stuff, created things and prayed in preparation for the week ahead. It was awesome.

I appreciate your prayers this week because I know that the spiritual warfare intensity always goes up several notches before important events. I'm praying for God's favor, provision, logistical smoothness, great attitudes, rest and a wealth of life change as a result of our new services at the Rec Center.

Cool stuff ahead. I'm looking forward to the challenges and victories that are in the works this week!

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