Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Have The Keys...

Well, I'm typing this today on a sleek little laptop my brother, Kenny, rigged up for me. And I'm sitting in the parking lot of the Roanoke Recreation Center, which is a wi-fi hotspot. I thought I'd post from here. Very cool.

Basic news:
* I have the keys. We're official!
* We have storage space at the Rec Center.
* The preschool/Nursery area has pretty much everything we'll need except for diapers and wipes and things like that. (Setup will be a breeze for this area!)
* We have permission to set up this week on Saturday night after the Rec Center closes!
* God is at work all around us...

Continue to pray for us as we head into the weekend. Weird things like sickness, work issues, and more are also happening with our team. Just goofy stuff out of the blue. Hmm...I wonder why....? :)


Kim Wells said...

Not suprised that everything is working the way we prayed it would...but I AM unbelievably excited!!! God is good, and faithful, and able to do more than we could ever dare to ask or imagine!!

John Henson said...

Sounds exciting! Praying you the best this weekend.

Rick said...

Wi-Fi is cool, isn't it? I just started doing that a few weeks ago myself.