Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Poor Pastor's Pod Blip #2

this is an audio post - click to play
Because we're still #1 on Google for "Pod Blip."

(And to lighten up a little because the countdown to our first service at the Roanoke Rec Center is blazing by at a crazy pace...)

Congrats to Ken for his "fob keycards" ranking....


Rick said...

A Pod Blip---now why didn't I think of that? Did you use AudioBlogger for your podcast, I mean, Pod Blip? I just found that a day or so ago, and it definitely has some nice possibilities. I can see us using it as a podcast from Creation West in Wash. state next summer.

Johnny Leckie said...

Hi, Rick,

Yes, I'm blippin' on AudioBlogger. I've actually been toying around with it for a while, now, but just recently came up with the "pod blip" idea as a bit of a joke. Even using the "from RonCo" announcer voice. :)

I've been coming up with some funny ideas for it, here lately, so there are most likely more "poor pastor's pod blips" ahead!

I've also used AudioBlogger to do quick posts whenever I meet up with another blogger in the real world, and to post random stuff while I'm out and about. Pretty fun stuff!