Monday, January 30, 2006

It's Great!

Ok, this isn't the post I was referring to in the last post, but I wanted to give a quick update on this past weekend. Sunday was Great! The worship area worked great, the things we rigged to work worked great, we had a great number of visitors and we're off to a great start at the Rec Center! All in all I'd say it was ...great!

And did I mention the fact that we have storage space at the Rec Center? We literally are able to store 95% of our stuff on site. That means no trailer necessary. Which is great because we don't have one. Did I mention that it was great?

And speaking of great, our team was off the hook, this weekend. Taking a cue from the Gary Lamb church planter's playbook, Saturday night we began setting up after 8 p.m. and it was midnight before we were heading home. Great people. Great attitudes. Great fun.

It was especially fun when the automatic timer killed the lights on us in the middle of our setup. Fortunately, we had brought a few lights of our own and so we kept working!

When we finally did leave, however, I couldn't get the doors to lock. I was exhausted and the thought of having to call the director of the Rec Center after midnight or having to spend the night at the Rec Center made me feel not so great. We just couldn't get the thing to lock. I tried, Ricky tried and Dan tried, but to no avail. Then my lovely wife, Leona tried and it was done! Then I was back to great! Yes, I have a great wife!

It felt right being at the Rec Center on Sunday. It was just right. I've known for over a year that this is where God has been leading us. It's where Compass Church's adventure in developing more, stronger and closer followers of Jesus Christ really begins.

Now I can't wait until next Sunday. And man, does that ever feel great.

...Oh great. Now I want a bowl of frosted flakes.

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